Oil on canvas
100 x 80 cm

The work is inspired by Bulgarian mythology and folklore. This is a special work for me as it is the first portrait of my best friend , who is dressed in a traditional Bulgarian costume, and I really wanted to focus on capturing her essence alongside the idea of the work. The main symbol in the work is that of the Mother Goddess, which can be expressed as an energy source, where the thread of life comes from and encircles everything with the life spark. This is a female energy in general, which is all giving, nurturing and life forming, but at the same time, being a dual energy, it can also breathes out the life of all things. The spirit is her energy double, serving as a protector, and the symbol behind is also a representation of the mother goddess, which multuplies the power by the repetition. The background motif is used traditionally in weaving and embroidery, symbolising the birthing Mother Goddess

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