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Oil on canvas
40 x 40 cm unframed

This work was inspired by a series of digital works I did for a music single release  and is a continuation of the same idea, slightly transformed and done in oil. When I think of the soul, the human essence, I always imagine a slight thread that runs through our bodies. It is always light pink towards white in colour and has a core, a centre, right at the solar split. It represents the breath of life, which is present in all living things. As an opposite to the eternal and delicate soul thread is the rogue exterior, inspired by the mysterious masked men Kukeri, who perform special rituals and are supposed to diminish the malevolent powers. This I also consider to be quite a mystical creature and being on its own, it stops being the person once it puts on the mask and becomes a Kuker. This is one of the most prominent ideas in my works, the physical and transcendental transformation of a person through the ritual.

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