Oil on canvas
75 x 100 cm

The work is inspired by Bulgarian mythology and folklore. The idea for it came to me while I was watching Hayao Miyazaki`s “Spirited Away” and I have used the same title for this reason. The predominant symbol is that of the goddess and the spirit, enriched by the graphic visualisation of it in the background, also a symbol of the goddess . This is a traditional Bulgarian symbol used in various techniques like weaving and embroidery and is a symbol of the Mother Goddess. She is the source of the energy, and in the work she is The Observer, but at the same time the spirit is a projection of herself and she, being multifaceted, can materialise in various ways. The energy that carries two sets of masks is a traditional Bulgarian spirit, called Kuker. This is a person dressed as a monstrous creature, whose purpose is to scatter the evil. The costume here is actually reversed, the kuker is wearing a human mask. This is representation of the duality in our world and how things are interchangeable, maintaining the same strength, only reversed 

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