Oil on canvas
50 x 60 cm framed

This work continues the visual aesthetics of my Fire series with a strong orange underpainting with warm glazes, revealing deep burning hues of background flames. A reminisce of a fire bird and the life cycle, birth, death and again re-birth, is a focal point in the series.

One of the main elements in this work is the eyes, in addition to the woman`s eyes there is a set on the necklace and geometric stylised in the background around the edges.

The idea of one having two sets of eyes, usually seen in ritualistic masks, is that the second sees into the invisible realms of life. This is a quality or a gift regarded to the seers and shamans.

I am very interested in the obscure, occult and mystical, so there is always a connotation to something hidden in my works. The hand around her neck symbolises that by evoking the hidden existence in the material world.

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