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Oil on linen
50 x 70 cm unframed

This work is very significant for me as it was the first one I did postpartum. It feels and looks different than my other works and it served as a transition and a bridge between the old and the new.
In traditional folk costumes there is a shirt that is worn under all the other clothes. This usually has embroidery on the neckline, sleeves and hemline, which has a very strong protective power. The power of the symbols is intentionally embodied on all ends of the shirt, so it protects the most vulnerable and susceptible part of us – our core.
With this in mind I wanted to create a similar frame idea using one of my favourite embroidery designs from Skopska Crna Gora as a reference. The eye-like design is another very specific motif that I really like. Using eyes quite a lot in my works, they can have a very broad interpretation, depending on each work. In this particular case they add an extra layer of “someone” watching over.
Another very prominent element  are the apples, which are such a significant and powerful symbol. They are widely used in various traditions, rituals and can even be called one of our national fruits.