In Conversation With: Simona Ruscheva

Simona Ruscheva.“Can you really see”, Oil on Canvas, 60 x 70 cm.

Simona, you are a contemporary figurative artist from Bulgaria currently living in London. How do you fuse your cultural background with your art and what inspires you the most?

My works have a very strong connection to Bulgarian culture, which is the entryway to an endless sea of explorations. The fact that I am living in London makes it very natural to me to seek a connection [with my homeland] in this way and keep in close reach of my roots.

I use a lot of different traditional elements like embroidery, rugs and ceramic designs, but I also like to delve into the symbols used in those elements, because everything is there for a reason and is a visual language and a map to understanding the core values we have.

I think, especially in today’s society where everything is changing so fast, it is really important to have knowledge about history and culture as these are extremely important in shaping ourselves as people and giving us context to who we are. This brings me to the second side of my works, which is actually the focal point that goes beyond the visual. It is our essence, our core, the true self that is inside, wrapped in multiple physical layers.

My biggest inspiration comes from reading, especially mythology, esotericism, folk tales, anything that deals with life beyond the material world.

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