Oil on canvas
50 x 50 cm framed

This work continues the visual aesthetics of my Fire series with a strong chartreuse yellow/green underpainting with warm glazes, revealing deep burning hues of background flames. A reminisce of a fire bird and the life cycle, birth, death and again re-birth, is a focal point in the series.

As a further exploration in the series subject is the idea of us as galactic beings, currently situated in this world. We all possess the ability to see beyond the physical matter if we turn to ourselves and see our inner universe. I am using a glittery and textured black paint for the body as it reminds me of a galaxy, which emphasizes my idea visually.

However the focal point of the work is centralized head piece with a triangle jewellery in the middle symbolising the third eye, while the woman`s actual eyes are closed, allowing herself to see beyond the material world.

For this work I am using traditional Bulgarian motives, fused with elements from different cultures. The geometric design around the background is inspired by a folk costume from North Macedonia, which again symbolizes multiple incarnations.

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